Community Health Inclusion Communication Scorecard

This scorecard allows individuals to determine the level of inclusion of individuals messages, campaigns and overall communication strategies to ensure they are effectively reaching the broadest audience possible.

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The Community Health Inclusion Communication Scorecard (CHICS) is a 10-question assessment to help organizations determine both where they are and set future goals in terms of inclusive communication and representation of people with disabilities across all its media.

The CHICS hits on a range of communication and media elements. It asks users to self-rate elements such as how and how often it writes about and portrays individuals with disabilities, how accessible its materials are, from print to digital, and how inclusive its social media usage and strategies are.

The CHICS also addresses general organizational culture in terms of views on disability and representation, targeting individuals with disabilities for campaigns and through promotional materials and activities and identifying both where it is and where its goal to be is.

Finally, based on responses, the CHICS generates two ratings for the organization’s general level of inclusion in communication and its inclusive communication reach. CHICS users are also encouraged to further explore NCHPAD materials and reach out to the expert information specialist team with questions and for recommendations and technical assistance for next steps.