Training Resource

Professionals under the broad umbrella of “health and wellness practitioners” can use NCHPAD’s e-learning platform to access a variety of trainings to enhance skills, improve competency and increase efficiency in working with people with disabilities to improve health outcomes and opportunities. This library of trainings features four separate domains: Focus Areas, Partnerships, Campaigns and Tools.

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Focus Areas

In its focus on building and sustaining inclusive, healthy communities, NCHPAD works across six focus areas of disability and health. These are: public health; fitness, recreation and sport; health care providers; educators; disability and aging, and; nutrition.


Several tailored trainings have been created both with and for a range of unique partners based on NCHPAD’s connections with local and national organizations. These include the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, Blue Star Families, the Alabama Department of Public Health and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


In its mission to promote inclusive healthy communities NCHPAD creates and promotes a range of both internal and external campaigns. Campaigns and associated resources include Commit to Inclusion, a global campaign to end the exclusion of people with disabilities from physical activity and all associated opportunities, the Physician’s Toolkit to help practitioners talk to patients with disabilities about physical activity and the Push for Your Health Toolkit to help promote inclusive diabetes prevention.


NCHPAD has created myriad tools to assist in the adaptation of evidence-based programs, as well as to view and assess policy, program, system and environment changes across communities. Tools include NCHPAD’s Inclusive Community Implementation Process (NiCIP), Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations Including Disability (GRAIDs) and a how-to on hosting inclusive events.